What is MPI For Crawler Crane Track Shoe

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Summary:For example, Inspection for Liebherr LR1350 Track PadsThis is MPI, one of the NDT Examinations. The Liebherr LR1350 Crawler Crane track Shoes are inspected after heat treatment. If everything is ok, crawler crane track shoes will be fine for machining and painting.What is MPI?Magnetic particle...

For example, Inspection for Liebherr LR1350 Track Pads

This is MPI, one of the NDT Examinations. The Liebherr LR1350 Crawler Crane track Shoes are inspected after heat treatment. If everything is ok, crawler crane track shoes will be fine for machining and painting.

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What is MPI?

Magnetic particle inspection is a method that utilizes the interaction between the leakage magnetic field at the workpiece defect and the magnetic powder. It utilizes the difference between the magnetic permeability of the surface and near-surface defects (such as cracks, slag inclusions, hairlines, etc.) of steel products and the magnetic permeability of steel. After magnetization, the magnetic field at the discontinuous parts of these materials will change drastically, and a leakage magnetic field will be generated on the surface of the workpiece where part of the magnetic flux leakage is formed, thereby attracting the magnetic powder to form the magnetic powder accumulation at the defect - magnetic traces, which appear under appropriate lighting conditions. Defect location and shape.


What is NDT Examination?

Non-destructive testing: also known as non-destructive testing. Non-destructive testing is to use the interaction of sound, light, electricity, magnetism and rays, and other substances to detect various macroscopic internal or surface defects of materials, components or equipment without damaging the performance of the inspected object, and to judge their defects. Methods of location, size, shape, and kind. The main methods are: penetrant inspection method, electromagnetic inspection method, radiographic inspection method, high-energy ray inspection method, liquid crystal, and infrared heat flux nondestructive inspection method, acoustic emission method, laser, microwave holography, neutron ray inspection method, etc.

For castings and forgings, the common non-destructive testing is magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, and X-ray testing


We take our promise of quality and our guarantee to our clients very seriously. All of our crawler crane parts are inspected before shipment, including Mechanical Properties after HT, Chemical Composition, Metallography/Microstructure, NDT Examination-MPI and UT, Dimensional Accuracy, and Cutting test. We guarantee you that anything you buy from us is 100% qualified. We can supply the parts for Liebherr, Terex, Demag, Manitowoc, Link-belt, Kobelco, Sennebogen, and so on. Is there any need for crawler crane undercarriage parts? Contact us freely: info@valuetrackpart.com

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1. Are there any guarantees on the undercarriage parts I purchase?
Sure, whether it is a mismatch or quality issues within 2500 working hours, we will send you new parts Free of Charge. This is our confidence!
2. How can I judge the quality or fit of your crawler crane parts?
The size and technical parameters of crane parts are based on the major manufacturers. We can provide size and quality inspection videos or reports, and of course you can also apply for a free sample for testing.
3. How will the parts be delivered?
According to the needs of different customers, we can arrange shipment by sea, air, express and also door-to-door services. Don't worry about importing for the first time, we can also recommend professional customs clearance agents for you to assist.
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