Sumitomo SC550 SC550-2 Sprocket

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Summary:1.Product detailsMaterial:35SiMn, 35Mn, 55SiMn, 34Cr2Ni2MoTechnology: CastingHeat treatment: Overall hardening and tempering, surface hardening.Warranty: 2000-2500 working hoursMaintenance point for Sumitomo SC550 550-2sprocketa. Keep the track shoe...

1. Product details

Material: 35SiMn, 35Mn, 55SiMn, 34Cr2Ni2Mo

Technology: Casting

Heat treatment: Overall hardening and tempering, surface hardening.

Warranty: 2000-2500 working hours

Maintenance point for Sumitomo SC550 550-2 sprocket

a. Keep the track shoe assy proper tension. If excessive tension, which will leads to track shoe pitch turn to stretch, then the mating surface of sprocket will abnormally wear.

b. Keep the bolt & nut of sprocket and propel reducer tighten.If bolt & nut of sprocket loosen, the mating surface between SC550 SC550-2 sprocket and track shoe will abnormally wear, shorten the life of sprocket and its bolt & nuts.


2. Overview production process

We strictly control the quality of Sumitomo SC550 SC550-2 sprocket (tumbler/drive roller) from selecting material to final assembly.

In order to delivery high quality product, our technicist and line workers always stick on whole production process and control every detail.


3. Other related product

Such as Sumitomo SC550 SC550-2 track shoe, bottom roller, top roller, and idler.


4. Our Advantage

Professional team: we have supplied the Sumitomo SC550 SC550-2 undercarriage parts more than 15 years, and continue to supply the best service for our customer. And provide customers with high quality solutions.

About the Quality: We can offer the material report and test report. If the product was broken in quality guarantee period, we can ship new one to you.


5. Contact us

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