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What if the Crane Engine Temperature is too High

2021/05/11 08:45
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When we use the crane, the engine temperature may be too high and there may be dangerous matters, so how do we deal with it? Let's take a look at the problem of overheated crane engines.

1. The cooling system of the crane has too much scale and poor heat dissipation effect. Solution: Remove scale.

2. Water temperature gauge is not indicating correctly or malfunctioning.

Solution: check the water temperature meter, if it is a problem, replace it in time.

3. The solution is to check whether there is water leakage in time. If there is water leakage, it should be repaired in time. If there is insufficient cooling water, it should be added in time.

4. Radiator shield net or radiator core vent is blocked by debris, resulting in poor heat dissipation. The solution is: clean the cooling system.

5. Water pump, fan belt is too loose or broken. The solution: repair or replace.

6. Long-term engine overload operation and fuel supply time is too late.

Solution: timely inspection and maintenance.

7. Thermostat damaged in main valve closed position. Solution: timely maintenance.

8. Crane pump is damaged, fan blade is inverted or deformed, wind ring is damaged. The solution: repair.

The engine temperature is too high to easily cause a variety of problems, daily work use life should be timely maintenance, to avoid failure affect the work.


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