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Understand How Crawler Cranes Work

2021/04/22 09:46
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Different cranes have different purposes, and each crane has its own operation and service requirements. For example, some can be driven on the road, while others must be assembled on site. One of the most commonly used cranes today is a crawler crane, so it is important to understand the working principle of a crawler crane.


The basic structure of a crawler crane is composed of a standard cab mounted on a crawler undercarriage. The undercarriage system uses crawlers instead of wheels to handle the terrain in the construction site.


Crawler cranes use crawlers to move. Unlike other cranes, it does not use outriggers to improve stability, and the boom of crawler cranes is lighter than others, so its working radius is wider. Nevertheless, due to the huge size of crawler cranes, they cannot be moved between one site, so they usually need to be assembled on site.


Although the boom of the crawler crane is lighter, it still provides a lot of lifting power for the crane. The crawler crane is happy to lift more than 600 tons, and they are very effective for large construction projects. Also, due to their size, these machines are mainly used as stationary lifts in cramped working spaces. Despite the limitations, crawler cranes are still a good choice when heavy lifting is required.

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