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Track Shoe For Terex Americam HC50 Crawler Crane

2019/08/05 16:28
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Terex American HC50 is installed in the same direction to form the belt of the head and tail. In this way, the operation uniformity is good, the wear of track shoe is low, and the driving efficiency is high when walking.

Production Process For Terex American HC50 Track Pad 

Make Mold--- Sand Mold--- Casting --- Polishing Riser Milling --- Quenching & Tempering  --- Hardness & Mechanical Properties Test --- Surface Quenching --- Painting

Terex American HC50 Track Pin

Terex American HC50 are heat treated and fine machining, that can extend the sercive life.

Quality Inspection

Chemical Composition 

Mechanical Properties after HT 

Dimensional Accuracy  

NDT Examination/LPI or MPT  

NDT Examination/UT  

Cutting / Sectioning

Available Undercarriage Parts For Terex American Crawler Cranes

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