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Top Roller for Kobelco BM500 Crawler Crane

2019/06/26 08:39
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Top Roller for Kobelco BM500 (also called carrier roller, upper roller) is assembled on the Kobelco BM500 crawler frame and hold up the Kobelco BM500 track shoes. Top Roller for Kobelco BM500 is used to hold up the track shoes assy, make the crawler shoes has a certain tension and keep the track shoes assy straight. If Top Roller for Kobelco BM500 is broken down, the Kobelco BM500 crawler crane can’t keep straight to walk, which will effect the work efficiency.


Product Name: Kobelco BM500 Crawler Crane Top Roller / Carrier Roller / Upper Roller


Technique: Forging

Heat Treatment: Overall hardening and tempering, surface hardening

Warranty: 2000 working hours

Application: Top roller for Kobelco BM500 is assembled on the crawler frame and hold up the track shoes, and make the crawler shoes has a certain tension.

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