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The shipment of Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200-2 track shoe

2019/07/02 13:09
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At 2019-7-1(This Monday) we send a shipment of Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200-2 track shoe to INDONESIA.This is the our 100th time to sent Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200-2 track shoe to our customer. This shows that our Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200-2 track shoe have been widely recognized by customers. Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200-2 track shoe are not only recognized by customers, but also Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200-2 track roller, Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200-2  upper roller and other undercarriage parts.We appreciate the support from our customers very much.



1.   Shipment detail:

It is better to see than to hear. Please look at the details of Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200-2 track shoe package that we have delivered to the customer.

Products: 64pcs  Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200-2 track shoe

Package numbers4 pallets

Port of loadingQingdaoChina

Port of destinationJAKARTA, INDONESIA


HS CODE is 8431499900

2.   Shipment photo

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