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The Production Process of Ruston Bucyrus RB30 Track Shoe

2020/03/12 17:09
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The Production Process of Ruston Bucyrus RB30 Track Shoe

Ruston Bucyrus RB30 track shoe is an undercarriage part for RB30 crawler crane used with drive chain. It is different from other track pads fixed with pins and bolts and nuts. It forms the track assembly with the track links and bolts and nuts. Below we will introduce you the production process of RB30 track shoe for crawler crane.


1. Making mold

Make the track shoe mold according to the original drawing and the confirmation of the technical department, and then make the sand mold.


2. Casting

The liquid carbon steel is poured into the cavity of the part mould, waiting for it to cool and solidify to obtain the rough embryo.



3.Polishing Riser Milling

Polishing and milling are essential finishing processes for spare parts. After finishing, the rough embryo becomes more delicate.


4. Heat Treatment

Heat treatment processing is the most important step related to product quality. Each step of heat treatment is strictly required. Only after quenching and tempering can the RB30 track pallet have good hardness, wear resistance and toughness.



5. Hardness & Mechanical Properties Test

In order to control the quality, each track shoe will undergo strict hardness and mechanical performance test to ensure the service life of accessories.


6.Surface Quenching

Surface hardening, especially for some long-term friction positions, further enhances its hardness and wear resistance.


7. Painting

Spray paint after all checks are correct, we can customize the color suitable for your machine.


We provide one-stop purchasing service for rb30 crawler crane. If you need other undercarriage parts besides Ruston Bucyrus RB30 track shoes, such as roller and drive chain, please contact us.

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