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The Maintenance of ZOOMLION QUY180 Track Shoes

2019/11/01 13:50
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Zoomlion QUY180 track shoe is a flexible link driven by sprocket that surrounds the sprocket, Idler, bottom roller and top roller. Track pads are connected by pins to track shoe assy. Daily maintenance is very important for any equipment, especially a crawler crane. So let’s see how to carry out daily maintenance of the track.

1. Correct operation

a. Improper high-speed driving is prohibited. 

It will cause the pin and sprocket, the track and the Idler, the track and roller to collide with each other. Parts will wear out prematurely, causing cracks in the track shoes and pin breaks. Therefore, you should avoid sharp turns at high speeds as much as possible.

b. Do not carry the crawler on one side for a long time.

If most of the load is applied to the single-side track, the parts will wear or damage prematurely due to uneven force.


2. Correct maintenance

a. Keep the track in proper tension.

The first week should be used to check the tension of the track every day.

If the tension is excessive, a large surface stress will cause excessive wear of the pin, which will lengthen the track pitch, causing power loss and track wear.

If it is too tight, the track will easily disengage from the Idler and the roller, causing abnormal wear.


b. Keep the Idler position centered

The misalignment of the Idler has a serious effect on other parts, so adjusting the position of the Idler (correction misalignment) is the main point of extending the service life.

To make it easier to know the status of the track, you can record the use life and maintenance of the machine, which will help you decide when to change the track.

Shandong Value Machinery Manufacture provides 2500 working hours warranty time for ZOOMLION QUY180 Track Shoes. We would be responsible for all quality problems during warranty time.

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