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Sumitomo crawler crane SC400 track Roller

2020/12/24 09:30
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The main function of the support wheel is to support the weight of the crane and allow the crawler to move along the wheel. The wear and oil leakage of the wheel body should be paid attention to during use. Crane on the uneven road surface driving support wheel will be ground impact, silver ground support wheel by large load, poor working conditions, often in the dust, so requires a good seal.

A. Product information of Sumitomo crawler crane SC400 track roller

Material: 40Mn2

Technology: Forging

Heat treatment: quenching and tempering, the hardness reaches HRC48, 57


B. Matters needing attention and advantages

1. The Sumitomo Crawler Crane SC400 track roller generally only needs to be added with butter once during an overhaul period, which simplifies the usual maintenance work of the crane.

2. Adopt qualified steel in the processing process, and the hardness of heat treatment is up to the standard to enhance the wear resistance.

3. The Sumitomo Crawler Crane SC400 Track roller should not be immersed in water or soil for a long time in the working process.

If working in this environment, the drive motor can be used to remove the impurities after the work is done.

4. After quenching and tempering in the processing process, enough temperature and time shall be guaranteed. After completion, the hardness reaches the standard and is not easy to be damaged.

C. Other brand parts supplied

In addition to Sumitomo, our company can supply Hitachi,Kobelco, Nippon Sharyo, Samsung Hitachi, FUWA, Sany, XCMG, YUTONG, Zoomlion, American, Kinkishiko, Lima, Link-belt, Manitowoc, NCK, Rustonbucyrus, Terex American, Terex Demag brand various types of crane chassis parts.


Including: track plate, chain, support wheel, drive wheel, support wheel, guide wheel, etc.



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