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Sprocket for Kobelco 7250 Crawler Crane

2020/11/05 16:52
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1. Kobelco 7250 Crawler Crane Sprocket Detail Information:

The Kobelco 7250 sprockets are used for 250ton Kobelco Crawler Crane. One machine needs 2pcs tumbler. Technology for the sprocket is casting. Main Material for Sprocket: SCSiMn2H, ZG40Mn2, ZG28CrMnMo and ZG34Cr2Ni2Mo.

2. Technology

All the parts are heat-treated: Whole quenching and tempering, then surface hardening. Process as below:

Make Mold---Sand Mold---Casting---Polishing Riser Milling---Quenching & Tempering---Hardness and Mechanical Properties Test---Surface Quenching---Mechanical Processing---Painting.

3. Product Introduction

The KOBELCO 7250 sprocket is holistic processing and must ensure the machining accuracy and size precision. The sprocket usually connected directly with the drive motor, which passed directly to the track shoe assy. Then it will drive the entire undercarriage forward.

The 2pcs sprockets usually been packed in one package. We will arrange shipment from Qingdao port or as per your requirement.

4. Our Company:

Warranty Time: under the normal operating environment, our Kobelco 7250 sprocket can use up to 2500 working hours and it would be more long time, if you maintenance it scheduled.

We produced crawler crane undercarriage parts for nearly 20 years, include track shoe, track roller, top roller, idler, sprocket, track chain, slewing bearing, boom, etc

If you need Kobelco 7250 sprocket, please let us know. Email:

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