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Measuring the Hardness of Crane Track Rollers

2021/03/30 14:13
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Crane undercarriage parts contact the ground for a long time, which is easy to cause different degrees of wear and tear. Therefore, in addition to crawler plate, all crane undercarriage parts in our company will be inspected for hardness and size before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of the parts.


1. Before measuring the hardness of the track roller, it is necessary to grind the surface of the wheel body first, because the surface of the track roller may form an oxide layer in the quenching and tempering process, and direct measurement without grinding may affect the accuracy of the test.

2. After grinding, the grinding place is measured with a professional hardness measurement tool to ensure that the quality meets the standard before it is released from storage.


Why Choose Us

1. The parts of our company have sufficient quality assurance. All quality tests before leaving the factory ensure that unqualified parts will never be used. Customers can rest assured to buy them.

2. You can tell your needs to our staff, we have professional technical personnel can according to your requirements for you to customize parts.


Our company can provide different brands and models of track shoes, track rollers, top rollers, idlers and sprockets, such as Hitachi KH180-2, KH180-3, sumitomo SC700, manitowoc M4000, etc. If you need, please feel free to contact us to buy.

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