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Measurement of crane undercarriage parts before storage

2021/01/14 08:35
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Since the crane chassis parts are in contact with the ground for a long time and bear the greater gravity of the crane, they have high requirements in terms of hardness and quality. The dimensions and hardness of the parts are measured before leaving the factory. Measuring the size can ensure that the parts are better installed on the crane and measuring the hardness can ensure that the parts can bear the weight and will not be easily deformed.

Our company's parts are up to standard in size and hardness, the installation is simple and smooth, and within 2000-2500 working hours of the customer's purchase of the parts, we will also provide free warranty service. In addition, we can also provide customers with the following services:

1. Sample. If you are not sure whether the size and model of the parts are similar before buying, or do not know the quality of the parts, you can try the samples first and make sure that they are consistent before buying.

2. Small order. According to the different needs of different customers, the minimum order quantity of our company's parts is one. If you only need one part, our company can also provide it for you.

3. Packaging. The parts are packed in double layers, and the outside is packed in a plywood box, which will not cause wear during transportation

4. Service attitude. Our company's staff are experienced and can help customers find the parts you need, and provide you with services at any time.

If you need high-quality crane undercarriage parts, you can contact us at any time:


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