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Manitowoc crawler crane M65 sprocket

2020/12/31 08:48
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1. Purpose

The power of the engine is transmitted to the crawler through the walking motor and the driving wheel. It is required that the driving wheel and the track chain of the crawler mesh correctly, the transmission is stable, and the crawler can still be well integrated when the pin sleeve is worn out.


2. Production Information

Technology: Casting

Transportation method: sea, air or express

Heat treatment method: quenching and tempering

Warranty: 2000-2500 working hours

3. Advantages of sprocket

After quenching and tempering, the drive wheel has a high hardness, a certain depth of hardened layer and transition layer, high load-bearing capacity, and the hardness reaches HBS187-229.

Strong wears resistance, and has a certain contact fatigue performance.


4. Our advantage

Parts quality pass: Our Company’s parts will be measured before they leave the factory, and there are chemical analysis reports to ensure the service life and quality of the parts.

Professional service: Our Company has professional technicians and sales personnel who can find the parts that satisfy you, and the after-sales service is always online. If you need it, you can contact us at any time.

Rich experience: Our Company has more than 20 years of working experience, has established good trade relations with many countries, and has won unanimous praise.

5. Applicable model

In addition to driving wheels, our company can also provide support wheels, supporting wheels, guide wheels, crawler plates, chains and other crane chassis parts.


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