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Link Belt LS98 Bottom Roller

2019/07/08 13:56
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1. Description

Type: Sealed, Heat treated Link Belt LS98 Bottom Roller

Model Name: Link Belt LS98 Bottom Roller/Track Roller/Lower Roller

Feature: Our products are made of high performance manganese steel and adopt high quality heat treatment process.We are the first and largest manufacturer of crawler crane chassis parts in China.

Application:Link Belt LS98 Bottom Roller is used to support the weight of the crane body and roll on the track shoes so that the  machine travels along the tracks shoes. It is also used to hold track shoes so that it does not slip along the transverse direction and forces the track to slip on the floor when turning. In some special load conditions or arm conditions, force only on some Link Belt LS98 Bottom Roller, so the arrangement of Link Belt LS98 Bottom Roller is middle sparse and two ends dense. Because it often work in the mud and other difficult conditions, and bear a strong impact, so,it is required to seal reliably, with high strength and stiffness.

2. Package:

As usual, 10pcs Link Belt LS98 Bottom Roller are packed in one Pallet.


2000  working hours

4. Production Process

1.Cutting---2.Forging---3.Rough machining---4.Overall hardening & Tempering---5.Hardness Testing---6.Half-Finished Machining---7.Surface Quenching---8.Finished  Machining---9.Cleaning---10.Assembling---11.Painting---12.Packing

5. About Us

Our factory has been engaged in the production of crawler crane chassis parts for more than 20 years in China.

Our products are known for their high quality, which ensures their durability and stability.

The company with excellent product quality, the shortest delivery time and good after-sales service to win the new and old customers praise.

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