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KOBELCO 7250 Lattice Crane Track Shoe Pad

2019/08/22 16:48
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1. Detail Information for KOBELCO 7250 Track Shoe

The Kobelco 7250 track shoe is used for 250T lattice crane.

Track shoe for Kobelco 7250 crane usually is black color. Customized color is also available. Our own brands - “VM” has been exported to all over the world. We are responsible for each part from us.

2. Quality

a. We produce the KOBELCO 7250 track shoe under strictly quality control.

b. The material for different track shoe is different. For example, 35SiMn, 31Mn2Si, etc usually been used for 50Ton track shoe. If the crane capacity is more than 50Ton, 35SiMnMo, 28CrMnMo, 35SiMnRe, etc will be used.

c. Please don’t worry, we can ensure the quality for all parts no matter for 50Ton, 80Ton, 100Ton, 200Ton, 250ton or even 660ton. If the track shoe is broke during warranty time, we will send you the new one.

d. We use high quality sand for casting, which can improve the quality of the KOBELCO 7250 track pads. You can see it clearly from the product appearance.

e. Our pin shaft is made of 40Cr material. After heat treatment, it is further processed, which can reduce the friction with the axle hole of LINK BELT LS98 Track Shoe.

3. KOBELCO 7250 Undercarriage Parts

Following parts are all available from us. You can purchase them in one shop and maintain the lattice crane in one time. That will help save much time and money.

Kobelco 7250 track roller

Kobelco 7250 top roller

Kobelco 7250 idler

Kobelco 7250 sprocket

4. Contact Information

If you are interested in KOBELCO 7250 track shoe / track pad / track plate. Please feel free to contact us.


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