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KOBELCO 7200 Tumbler Sprocket

2019/07/17 14:47
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1. Kobelco 7200 Crawler Crane Sprocket Detail Information:

The P&H 7200 sprockets are used for 200ton Kobelco Crawler Crane. One machine needs 2pcs tumbler. Technology for the P&H7200 sprocket is casting.

All the parts are heat-treated: Whole quenching and tempering, then surface hardening


Make Mold---Sand Mold---Casting---Polishing Riser Milling---Quenching & Tempering---Hardness and Mechanical Properties Test---Surface Quenching---Mechanical Processing---Painting.

2. Product Introduction

The Kobelco 7200 sprocket is usually located at the rear of crawler crane travel device. The power of crawler crane engine is transmitted to the track through hydraulic travel motor and sprocket.

The wheel tread is required to have high hardness, and has a certain depth of quench layer and transition layer (depth> 3mm, hardness HRC 48-52) to improve the bearing capacity, wear resistance and resistance to contact fatigue.

3. Delivery and Package

The 2pcs sprockets usually been packed in one package. We will arrange shipment from Qingdao port or as per your requirement.

4. Our Company

1). Professional Engineers----"Give Us Size, Give You products". We have experienced engineers here. Our engineers have deal with this line for more than 15 years.

2). Sale & Service Team-----24 Hours online. Best service here for you anytime. Any question, please free contact us.

3). Factory & Warehouse----Focus on quality assurance. Keep enough stock.

4). Shipping---Most of our products are in stock, we can ship out your order in the shortest time.

5. Contact

If you need Kobelco 7200 undercarriage parts like sprocket, please let us know.


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