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Introduction to The Four-wheel and a Crawler of The Crane

2020/12/15 08:50
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The four wheels of the crane have track roller, top roller, sprocket, idler and crawlers. They are directly related to the working performance and walking performance of the excavator. The following focuses on their performance.


A. Sprocket

The power of the engine is transmitted to the crawler through the walking motor and the sprocket, and the transmission is stable. Using forging technology, the main material is 35SiMn/SCSiMn2H. The driving wheel is located behind the X frame and has no shock absorption function, so it can prevent abnormal wear of the chain rail at the back.

B. Idler

The role of the idler is mainly to guide the track to revolve correctly and prevent it from running off and deviating. The idler adopts casting technology, after heat treatment, the main material is ZG40Mn2 and SCSIMn2H. The idler is mainly in the front when working, so as to avoid abnormal wear of the chain rail.

C. Track roller

The role of the track roller is to transmit the weight of the crane to the ground. When the crane travels on uneven roads, the rollers will be impacted by the ground, so the load on the rollers is relatively large. The track roller also use forging technology, after heat treatment, the main material is 40Mn2.

D. Top roller

The main function of the top roller is to support the crawler belt upwards to make the crawler belt a certain degree of tension. Mainly adopt forging technology, and the material is 40Mn2. Some models do not have top roller.

E. Crawler

The track is composed of track shoes and chain track sections. There are many types of track shoes, such as three-reinforced. They are light in weight and high in strength. They are divided into one plate with one pin or one plate with two pins.

The four wheels and one crawler play an essential role in the crane chassis. They drive the crane to travel and contact the ground for a long time. It is easy to cause wear and tear. Over time, it will cause irreversible damage to the parts, so regular maintenance and replacement are required. Shandong Value Machinery Manufacture CO., LTD is a professional distributor of crane chassis parts with rich work experience. It produces parts of different brands and models, such as Hitachi KH180, KH300, KH150, Sumitomo SC800, SC1000, Kobelco 7120S, CKE1800, SL4500 and other brands. The materials are wear-resistant and the processing technology is advanced. If you need it, you can always contact us.

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