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How to Transport Crane Crawler Safely

2021/04/29 08:36
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Crawler cranes are different from truck cranes. They run slowly and cannot travel on the road. The transportation crawler cranes test the skills of the equipment personnel. The entire equipment needs to be disassembled, loaded and transported, and reassembled after reaching the construction site. The crawler crane is special type equipment; a little carelessness may cause a rollover accident, so every step needs to be careful.


Strictly follow the construction process before transportation, and drive the crawler crane into the site for inspection. After passing the inspection, prepare the green line to be transported to ensure that the route is unobstructed and feasible, and the distance is the shortest. Then check whether the destination site meets the level of the road surface without any obstacles.


Crawler crane transportation needs to disassemble the equipment into several parts first. In the separate transportation, the disassembly and installation methods are the same, but the order of disassembly is reversed. First, remove the hook, and then remove the boom and other sections one by one. The heavy block is transported on the truck with a car lifting belt.


After the movable slab slope is erected, the crawler crane main engine logs into the pallet truck from the rear and drives slowly and straight, while observing the left and right distances, the two crawlers should not deviate. At the same time, the operator should maintain the overall balance of the crawler crane equipment to avoid overturning.


After the crawler crane transport vehicle arrives at the site, the main engine will drive down from the transport vehicle in the forward direction. At the same time, there must be a special person around to give instructions to ensure that the two crawlers travel evenly on the movable board. Special cranes are used to unload the booms, and the parts are sorted and stacked on the open space on the side. Pay attention to the installation sequence, and the whole process is complete.


If an emergency situation of crawler crane transportation is found, the person who finds it must immediately report to the person in charge of the scene to ensure the safety of the transportation equipment.

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