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How to Operate Crawler Crane Safely

2021/04/20 09:42
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The process of driving the crane must meet the specifications, pay attention to safety, should pay attention to the following issues in the work.

1. Crane drivers must receive professional training, obtain the crane driver qualification certificate, master the crane structure working principle, operation and maintenance methods, and be familiar with the safe operation rules of the crane.

2. Before using the crane, it is necessary to check the derrick of the trolley and the bolts of various parts are loose and fall off. If any defects are found, it should be repaired before starting the work.

3. Carry out operation, inspection and maintenance according to the technical documents of the crane, and regularly check the quality of the steel wire rope according to the national scrap standard for a section of steel wire rope.

4. The crane lifting should follow the signal of the commanding personnel, and the driver should closely cooperate with the commanding personnel and operate according to the commanding signal.

5. When lifting heavy objects, the crane should move slowly, and the speed should not exceed the specified value. It is forbidden to lift heavy objects on the slope.

6. People are not allowed to stand on lifting articles. People are not allowed to stand under the boom or heavy objects when lifting.

Driving the crane to meet the specifications, in order to ensure the safety of the crane driver, and will reduce the damage to the crane chassis parts to a minimum, reduce the risk of crane shutdown. If you have any problems with crane undercarriage parts, please feel free to contact us. As a crane undercarriage parts dealer with rich experience for many years, we can provide customers with high quality crane undercarriage parts, welcome to contact us at any time.

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