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How to Maintain the Crane Undercarriage Daily

2020/12/17 09:20
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The four-wheel and a crawler of the crane we often say mainly include track roller, top roller, sprocket, idler and crawlers, which belong to the undercarriage parts. They play an important role in the working process of the crane. During the working process, the wheel body and the crawler often touch the ground or are "attacked" by the sand during the working process, so they must learn to maintain them in daily life.


A. Track roller.

1. If your country is currently in the summer, you must avoid letting the heavy wheels soak in water or soil during the work. If it is unavoidable, you can support the one-sided crawler after the work is completed, and use the drive motor to throw away impurities.

2. If you are overwintering now, you must avoid freezing the seal between the roller and the shaft, as this may cause oil leakage.

B. Top roller

During use, keep the X-frame inclined platform clean, and don't allow too much sand, gravel, and obstruct the rotation of the supporting wheel.

C. Idler.

Keep the guide wheel in front during operation and walking, so as to avoid abnormal wear of the chain rail and increase the use time.

D. Sprocket.

Contrary to the guide wheel, the driving wheel should be located behind during the working process, and the walking motor at the driving wheel has a guard plate. The guard plate should be opened regularly to clean the dirt inside to prevent the internal oil pipe from being worn.

E. Crawler.

1. The crawler is mainly composed of track shoes and track chain sections, and different track shoes are used for different working conditions.

2. Over-tensioning of the track will cause wear of the chain track, ring gear and guide wheel. The track tension should be adjusted according to different road conditions.

Since the four-wheel belt is always in contact with the ground during the working process and is often damaged by gravel and sand, they are vulnerable parts and have a certain service life. Regardless of maintenance, they must be replaced regularly.


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