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How to Choose Track Roller for Sumitomo SC500 Crawler Crane

2019/12/06 16:20
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SC500 crawler crane is a common Sumitomo crawler crane model. Track roller is one of the important spare parts of SC500 crane chassis. Its main role is to support the weight of the body of the crawler crane, fix the track pads, and make the track advance along the wheels to prevent slippage.




Due to long-term load bearing, strong impact, and extremely poor working conditions, the roller are easy to wear, so the requirements for the quality and wear resistance of the roller body are high.Here's how to choose the right Sumitomo SC500 bottom roller,


1. Confirm model, part number, size or drawing.

First of all, we will confirm the exact size with you to avoid the mismatch of some machines due to modification. If your size is different from the original part, we can customize it according to the precise size or drawing you provide.

2. Material and Mechanical Properties

The material of the roller body is generally 50Mn, 40Mn2, etc. The main process is casting or forging, machining then heat treatment. The hardness of the roller surface after quenching reaches HRC52~58 to increase the wear resistance of track roller.

The material of the bushing is also one of the key factors affecting the service life. We use 100% fine cooper Bushing, instead of duplex metal (Iron and Cooper).

3.After sales service on track roller

The rollers are likely to have problems during the installation and use process, so the after-sales service of the product is particularly important. Provide assistance during installation, long warranty time and responsible attitude in case of problems will make your maintenance easier. We provide a one-year or 2500 working hours warranty time which roller damage can be replaced for free.

Shandong Value Machinery Manufacture company is your reliable supplier of crawler crane undercariage parts.

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