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High Quality Sprocket For Terex American HC80 Crawler Cranes

2019/06/06 11:15
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Sprocket usually located at the rear of crawler crane travel device. The power of crawler crane engine is transmitted to the track through hydraulic travel motor and sprocket. It is required that sprocket be engaged with the track shoes to search accurately, the transmission is stable, and the track can still mesh well when the track is extended due to wear of the pin. 

Product Name: HC80 Sprocket / Drive Sprocket / Driving Tumbler 

Material: 35SiMn

Technique: Casting

Heat Treatment: Whole quenching and tempering, then surface hardening

Packages For HC80 Sprocket

Nowadays, HC80 Sprocket / Drive Sprocket / Driving Tumbler is really hot in the market of American, Shandong Value Machinery Manufacture Co,. LTD can provide high quality HC80 sprockets for you. Besides, we can manufacturer track shoes, track rollers, top rollers, idlers for HC80 crawler crane as well. You can get what you want in the first place. 
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