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Four failure modes of crane legs

2021/05/08 08:12
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The function of the crane leg is to ensure that the crane can perform the lifting operation smoothly when the crane is lifting, and will not cause the crane to roll over due to unbalance. Therefore, it is very important to avoid the failure of the crane legs. If the crane fails, the crane will easily roll over.

The following is a detailed introduction to the failures of the crane legs.

1. When the crane is working, the undercarriage has obvious sinking, which may be caused by the unstable crane.

2. If the crane's outrigger seat is automatically falling, then the outrigger is also malfunctioning.

3. Slow movement of the outrigger is usually caused by the structure of the outrigger being jammed by foreign objects. Check the structure of the outrigger to eliminate the fault.

4. After turning on the outrigger switch, the outrigger does not respond, and the outrigger structure of the crane should be checked.

If the above phenomenon occurs on the outriggers of the crane, it means that the outriggers of the crane are malfunctioning and should be inspected and repaired in time.

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