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Crawler crane Link belt LS208 Track Roller

2020/10/29 08:19
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1.Feature For Crawler crane Link belt LS208 Track Roller:

a. The material of Crawler crane Link belt LS208 Bottom Roller is 40Mn2, 42CrMo, the main process is casting or forging, machining, heat-treated. After quenching of wheel surface, The hardness require up to HRC 52-58 to strengthen the wear resistance of wheel surface.

b. 22 pieces track lower rollers for Crawler crane Link belt LS208

c. we can also supply Crawler crane Link belt LS208 track shoe, Upper Roller, Idler tumbler and Sprocket assy.

2. Quality Of Roller:

3.Bottom Roller Suitable For Crawler crane Link belt Brand , As Following :


LS78, LS98, LS108BS, LS108B, LS108BJ, LS108BSS, LS118, LS118RH-II, LS138H, LS138HII, LS138HSL, 138HSL-C5, LS208H, LS218H, LS218HII, LS218HSL, LS218HSL-C5, LS228HSL, LS238H, LS238HSL, LS248H, LS248HII, LS248HSL, LS248H5, LS278H, LS298HSL, LS308H, LS318, LS338, LS348, LS348H5,  LS408, LS408LWJ, LS418, LS518, etc.


4. Package & Delivery:

Generally, track rollers are packed on Plywood Pallet.

5. FAQ

SHANDONG Value Machinery Manufacture Company specializes in manufacturing and exporting Manitowoc crawler crane undercarriage including track pad, bottom roller, upper roller, drive tumbler, and idler wheel. Other crawler crane undercarriage parts are also available. Our parts can be shipped worldwide. 24/7 field service and shop service is available.


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