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Common Causes of Crane Failure

2021/04/26 09:35
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There are many reasons for crane failure, but they may usually be caused by similar conditions. Although many common failures are inevitable and may occur due to long-term use, once a failure occurs, various problems may occur , Such as hurting employees, high maintenance costs, reducing work efficiency, etc., which have adverse effects.


The causes of crane failure may be as follows:

1. Electrical failure

One of the most common causes of crane failure is electrical failure. When the crane is used continuously, it is inevitable that certain components will wear out over time, which may cause crane failure. There are many reasons for electrical failures, electronic parts failure, (including mechanical parts, electrical control and hydraulic system parts). So in order to reduce the risk, make sure to check all electrical components regularly.

2. Equipment abuse

When using a crane, it is necessary to monitor the work of the crane operator and the handling of the load. Any improper use of the crane may lead to dangerous consequences, such as the collapse of the structure, which may cause major damage to the crane and the surrounding environment.

3. Parts wear

The incompatible components of the crane require frequent maintenance to work effectively. If it is not regularly maintained, it may cause excessive wear and eventually cause the crane to malfunction.

In order to avoid wear, items that should be maintained regularly include: gearboxes, bearings, undercarriage parts such as track rollers, idlers, track shoes, etc.

In daily work, frequent inspections should be used to reduce crane failures, which should be frequent and thorough inspections to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

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