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Causes of Sumitomo SC1000-2 Idler Assy Damage

2020/01/17 09:11
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Front Idler is one of the main undercarriage parts for Sumitomo SC1000-2 Crawler Crane. Its main function is to support the weight of the track shoe assy and guide the crawler track along the wheel, reduce the impact of the driving process, and avoid the derailment of the track.


The main reasons for the damage of the idler of crawler crane are as follows,


1.The vibration and impact caused by crawler driving make the clearance between shaft and bushing too small or no clearance. The thickness of the lubricating oil film is not enough or even there is no lubricating oil film, so the idler will be excessively worn soon


2. The surface of the guide wheel shaft is rough due to poor finishing during production. There are many metal ridges on the surface of the shaft, which destroy the integrity and continuity of the lubricating oil film. Therefore, a large number of metal wear debris will be produced in the lubricating oil, which will increase the roughness and worsen the lubrication state, resulting in serious wear of the front idler wheel.

In the production of Sumitomo SC1000-2 Idler, Shandong Value Machinery Manufacture Co. strictly follow the standard processing technology, mature heat treatment and finishing technology, multiple quality inspection, strictly control each production step to extend the service life of the guide wheel as much as possible.

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