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crawler crane Link belt LS138HII idler

2020/09/22 10:35
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1. Detail:

Product Name: crawler crane Link belt LS138HII idler/ Idler Assy / Idler Tumbler / Front Idler

Material: 35SiMn

Technique: Casting

Heat Treatment: Whole quenching and tempering, then surface hardening

Warranty: 2000 - 2500 working hours

Application:It's used to guide the crawler correctly move and prevent deviation.  Meanwhile, crawler crane Link belt LS138HII idler also act as the lower roller, can increase the land area of the track shoes assy to the ground, reduce the ground pressure ratio.

2.Package details

3.Production Process

1.Make Mold---2.Sand Mold---3.Casting---4.Polishing Riser Milling---5.Quenching & Tempering---6. Hardness & Mechanical Properties Test ---7. Surface Quenching ---8Painting---9Package


4.Why Choose VM?

Safe & Match

All our parts can match your crane, can let your crane run safely.


Our engineer has more than 20 years experience in undercarriage parts.


High Quality

All our parts are OEM Quality with long warranty time.



For the same products in same quality and same standard, we will offer you the lowest prices.


Same price, we will supply the high quality crawler crane undercarriage parts.


Delivery time:

Based on model number and order quantity, normally it takes 7-35 days for production. Within a week, if we are in an agreement of stocking your request.

Any new inquiry for crawler crane Link belt LS138HII idler pls be free to contact us.

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