Comprehensive guidelines for using crawler cranes in engineering projects.

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Summary:In engineering projects, crawler crane should pay attention to things. Ensure the safety of every staff member. Also ensure the correct use of crawler crane....

Comprehensive guidelines for using crawler cranes in engineering projects.

1.Determine ground bearing capacity: Crawler cranes are heavy and require sufficient ground bearing capacity to support the weight of the crane and working load.


2.Terrain and slopes: Crawler cranes are suitable for various terrains, but when used on uneven ground or slopes, special attention must be paid to the stability of the crane and appropriate safety measures must be taken.

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3.Ensure stability: When using a crawler crane, its stability must be ensured to prevent dangerous situations such as tipping or sliding. This can be achieved by using outriggers, securing heavy objects, or using ground anchors.


4.Understand the crane's rated working range: Before using a crawler crane, it is important to understand its rated working range, including maximum lifting capacity, working radius, boom length, etc., and strictly adhere to these regulations while working.

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5.Regular inspection and maintenance: The mechanical parts of a crawler crane require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure proper operation and safety performance. This includes checking and maintaining the tracks, hydraulic system, electrical system, etc.


6.Use appropriate accessories: When using a crawler crane, appropriate accessories and attachments such as wire ropes, hooks, clamps, etc., must be used to ensure safe and efficient work.

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7.Operator training: Only trained and qualified operators should operate crawler cranes. Operators must be familiar with the operation points, safety precautions, and emergency handling methods of the crane.


8. Comply with relevant laws and regulations: When using a crawler crane, local laws and regulations such as safety regulations and crane operation procedures must be followed to ensure the safety and smooth progress of engineering projects.

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