Zoomlion 3200t crawler crane

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Summary:In 2023, helping Changjiang Nuclear Power to usher in a "good start" in the new year, Zoomlion's 3,200-ton crawler crane made new achievements The first hook of Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Unit 3 in the first year—the hoisting of the ring beam and ring rail, wa...

Zoomlion 3200t crawler crane

  The first hook of Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Unit 3 in the first year—the hoisting of the ring beam and ring rail, was accurately positioned under the smooth hoisting of Zoomlion’s ZCC3200NP crawler crane. Get ready for the capping phase.

   The total assembly weight of the ring beam and ring rail is about 150 tons. The ring beam is a box structure, which is divided into 9 sections. The ring rail initially has 15 sections, and finally welded into 5 sections, hoisted on the upper part of the ring beam and fixed with a pressure plate, and the ring beam of unit 3 The ring rail assembly adopts the installation method of "assembled into a ring on the ground and hoisted in place at one time", and the installation accuracy is very high.

   The hoisting equipment is bulky, heavy, and the work site is limited. In order to ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of the hoisting, the project party selected Zoomlion’s 3,200-ton crawler crane, which has made outstanding achievements in the field of nuclear power hoisting. Optimized design of the optimal route, the best station point, and the least man-hours to keep the load rate below 57.6%. The hoisting took about 3 hours. After a series of actions such as trial lifting, lifting, luffing, counterclockwise rotation, and walking with load, it was accurately positioned. The entire construction process was stable, safe, smooth, and quality controllable.

   It is understood that in order to ensure the safe and smooth hoisting of the ring-bearing ring rail first hoisting in place, Huaneng Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power worked with all participating units to organize and scientifically plan, optimize the overall construction logic, and analyze and eliminate the restrictive factors in advance. Overcoming various difficulties and challenges encountered in the installation and hoisting process laid a solid foundation for the smooth realization of ring hoisting girder hoisting and subsequent dome hoisting nodes.

   According to reports, Zoomlion's ZCC3200NP crawler crane is not only the first 3,000-ton super-large-tonnage crawler crane in China, but also the only 3,000-ton crawler crane in the world that is simultaneously used in the hoisting of the second, third, and fourth-generation nuclear power plants. It is specially developed equipment to ensure the safety of my country's nuclear power construction. Its maximum lifting capacity reaches 3,200 tons, and its maximum lifting moment reaches 82,000 tons. It is one of the crawler cranes with the best lifting capacity and technical level in the world.

   Since its off-line, ZCC3200NP has "shown its talents" in many national large-scale nuclear power construction projects such as Jiangsu Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant, Shandong Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Plant, "Linglong One", and successfully "coronated" "Hualong One" three times, Known as the "best partner" for nuclear power construction.



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