Applicable models and brands of crane undercarriage parts

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Summary:With various crane brands and models, it is not a simple matter to find a distributor with a complete range of crane parts. Our company is a distributor specializing in crane chassis parts. There are many types of cranes, including Hitachi, Komatsu, Manitowoc, Sany, Zoomlion and other brands. If you...

With various crane brands and models, it is not a simple matter to find a distributor with a complete range of crane parts. Our company is a distributor specializing in crane chassis parts. There are many types of cranes, including Hitachi, Komatsu, Manitowoc, Sany, Zoomlion and other brands. If you need it, the specific model is as follows:

Hitachi KH70, KH100, KH100-1, KH100D, KH125, KH125-2, KH125-3, KH150, KH150-2, KH150-3,  KH180,  KH180-2,  KH180-3,  KH230,  KH230-3,  KH250HD,  KH250-3, KH300,  KH300-2,  KH300-3,  KH500-2,  KH500-3,   KH700,  KH700-1,   KH700-2, KH850-3,  KH1000,  U106A,  TH55,  TH55ED,  CX300,  CX350,  CX400,  CX500, CX500-2,  CX550,  CX650,  CX700,  CX900,  CX900HD,  CX1000,  CX1100,  PD7,
PD60FL, PD80, PD90, PD100, HE6010B etc.
Sumitomo SC350,   SC400,   SC500,   SC500-2,   SC500-3,   SC550-2,   SC550D-2,   SC650, SC650-2, SC650DD-2, SC650-3, SC700, SC700DD, SC700-2, SC800, SC800HD, SC800-2,   SC900-2,   SC1000,   SC1000HD,   SC1000-2,   SC1500,   SC1500HD, SC1500-2,  SC2000,  SC2500,  LS78RH,  LS78RM,  LS78RH5,  LS78RHD5,  LS98, LS108RM,  LS108RH3,  LS108RH5,  LS110C,  LS118RH3,  LS118RH5,  LS118RH, LS118RM,   LS120RH5,   LS138H,   LS138RH5,   LS138RHD5,   LS208H,   LS218H, LS218RH5,    LS238RH2,    LS238RH3,    LS238RH5,    LS248RH2,    LS248RH5, LS368RH5, LS458HD, LS468HD, LS518, LS528, LS528-S, LS568HD, LS578HD,
SD205, SD307, SD370,SD407, SD510, SD610, SP110, SP135, etc.
Hitachi Sumitomo SCX300,    SCX300-C,    SCX400,    SCX400T,    SCX500,    SCX550,    SCX550-2, SCX550C,   SCX550E,   SCX700,   SCX700-C,   SCX700-2,   SCX800,   SCX800-2, SCX800HD,    SCX800HD-2,    SCX900,    SCX900-2,    SCX1000,    SCX1000A-3, SCX1200,    SCX1200-2,    SCX1500,    SCX1500-2,    SCX1500A-3,    SCX2000,
SCX2000A-2, SCX2500, SCX2600, SCX2800-2, etc.
Samsung Hiatchi CX500C, CX520P, CX800, CX800C etc.
Kobelco BM500,   BM600,   BM650,   BM700,   BM700HD,   BM700HD-2,   BM750,   BM800, BM800HD, BM900, BM900HD, BM1000, BM1200, BME800, BME800HD, BMS800, BMS900,  BMS1000,  CK800,  CK850,  CK850-II,  CK850-III,  CK850G,  CK850-2F, CK900, CK1000, CK1000-II, CK1000-III, CK1000G, CK1100, CK1100G, CK1600, CK1600-II, CK2000, CK2000-II, CK2500, CK2500-II, CK2750, CK2750G, CKS600, CKS800,  CKS900,  CKS1100,  CKS1350,  CKS2500,  CKE600,  CKE700,  CKE800, CKE800G,  CKE800G-2.  CKE800-1F,  CKE850,  CKE900,  CKE1000,  CKE1100, CKE1200,     CKE1350,     CKE1350-1F,     CKE1800,     CKE1800-1F,     CKE2500, CKE2500-II,   CKE2500G,   CKL1000I,   CKL1500, CKL2600,   P&H60P,   P&H70P, P&H75P, P&H85P-60C, P&H100P, P&H315, P&H320, P&H325, P&H330, P&H335, P&H335AS,   P&H345,   P&H440,   P&H550A,   P&H550-1,   P&H550-2,   P&H550S, P&H550.S2, 5035, 5045, 5055, 5080, 5100, 5170, 7035, 7045, 7050, 7055, 7055-1,
7055-2, 7055-3F, 7065, 7065-2, 7070, 7080, 7080-2, 7090, 7100, 7120, 7120-1F,
7150, 7200, 7250, 7250S, 7250-2, 7250-2F, 7300, FS80, FS90, SL4500, SL6000, TK550, SK1600D, etc.
IHI CH350,  CH400,  CH500,  CH800,  CCH300,  CCH300T,  CCH350,  CCH350-D3, CCH400, CCH500, CCH500-2, CCH500-3, CCH500-3 II, CCH500-T, CCH500EX, CCH550,   CCH650,   CCH700,   CCH700-3II,   CCH800,   CCH800-2,   CCH900, CCH1000,     CCH1000-5,     CCH1200,     CCH1200-5,     CCH1500,     CCH1500E, CCH1500-3,  CCH1800,  CCH2000,  CCH2000-5,  CCH2500,  CCH2800,  DCH650, DCH700, DCH800, DCH900, DCH1000, DCH1200, K300, K400A, K400B, K1000,
IPD100, IHI 6020, etc.
Nippon Sharyo D308, D308SA, D408, D508, DH300, DH300-3, DH308, DH350, DH400, DH400 III, DH408,  DH500,  DH500-5,  DH500-6,  DH508,  DH508-105M,  DH550-5,  DH600, DH608, DH608-120M, DH650-5, DH658, DH700, DH758, DH900, DHP70, DHP80,
DHP85, DHJ40, DHJ60, DHJ70, DHJ80, ED4000, ED5500, TE4000,etc.
American American  500  Series,  American  5299,  American  700  Series,  American  7250,
American 7260, American 900 Series, American 9218, American 9220, American
9260, American 9299, American 9310, American 9310A, American 9320, American
11320, etc.
Manitowoc M50, M65, M80, M85, M222, M222EX, M250, M777, M888, M999, M999C, M2250, M3900,  M3900W,  M4000,  M4100,  M4100W,  M4100S,  M4500,  M4600,M4600S,
M8500, M10000,M11000, M11000-1, M12000, M14000, ML300, etc.
Terex Demag CC280-1,  CC400,  CC1100,  CC1200,  CC1500,  CC1800,  CC2000,  CC2000-1, CC2200, CC2400, CC2500, CC2600, CC2800, CC4000, CC6800, CC8800, etc
Terex/American HC50, HC60, HC80, HC110, HC165, HC230, HC275
Link-Belt LS78,   LS98,   LS108BS,   LS108B,   LS108BJ,   LS108BSS,   LS118,   LS118RH-II, LS138H,   LS138HII,   LS138HSL,   138HSL-C5,   LS208H,   LS218H,   LS218HII, LS218HSL, LS218HSL-C5,  LS228HSL,  LS238H,  LS238HSL, LS248H,  LS248HII, LS248HSL,   LS248H5,  LS278H,   LS298HSL,   LS308H,  LS318,  LS338,   LS348,
LS348H5,   LS408, LS408LWJ, LS418, LS518, etc.
Liebherr LR1100,   LR1200,   LR1250,   LR1280,   LR1300,   LR1350,   LR1350-1,   LR1400,
LR1400-2, LR1500, LR1550, LR1600, LR1600-2, LR1600-2-W, LR1650, LR1700, LR1750, LR1750-2, LR1800, LR11000, LR11350 etc.
Ruston-Bucyrus RB30, RB38, RB40, etc.
Lima 700HC, 770HC, 2400, etc.
Kinki Ishiko M50B, 1820
NCK HC80, C41B, AJAXC60, etc.
Sany SCC500B,  SCC500C,  SCC500D,  SCC500E,  SCC550C,  SCC600C,  SCC750C, SCC800C,    SCC1000C,    SCC1000D,    SCC1250,    SCC1500CC,    SCC1500D, SCC1800,   SCC2500C,   SCC2600A,   SCC3000WE,   SCC4000E,   SCC5000WE, SCC6500E,  SCC7500,  SCC8100,  SCC8200,  SCC8300,  SCC10000,  SCC16000,
Fuwa CC40, QUY35, QUY50, QUY50A, QUY50C, QUY50D, QUY50S, QUY55, QUY70, QUY70A,  QUY80,  QUY80A,  QUY80B,  QUY90,  QUY100,  QUY100A,  QUY120, QUY130,   QUY130A,   QUY150,   QUY150A,   QUY150C,   QUY160C,   QUY250, QUY250-1, QUY320, QUY400, QUY400A, QUY500, QUY650, QUY750, QUY1250, FZX36, FCC55, FCC80A, FCC80B, FCC100C,FWX55, FWX75, FWX85, FWX135,
FWX225, FWX285, etc.
XCMG QUY50, QUY50A, QUY50-II, QUY55, QUY70, QUY75, QUY80, QUY80A, QUY85, QUY100,  QUY150,  QUY250,  QUY260,  QUY280,  QUY300,  QUY350,  QUY400, QUY450,  QUY500W,  QUY650,  QUY700,  QUY750,  QUY1000,  XGC55,  XGC75, XGC85,  XGC100,  XGC130,  XGC130-1,  XGC150,  XGC180,  XGC200,  XGC260, XGC260A,  XGC350,  XGC500,  XGC650,  XGC15000,  XGC16000,  XGC28000,
XGC88000, etc.
Zoomlion QUY50,QUY70,QUY80,    QUY100,    QUY130,    QUY180,    QUY260,    QUY320, QUY350,  QUY400,  QUY450,  QUY500,QUY500W,  QUY550,  QUY600,  650  Ton QUY650, QUY800, QUY1000, ZTM300, ZTM500,ZCC550,  ZCC550H, ZCC750H, ZCC750, ZCC800, ZCC800H, ZCC850, ZCC1100H, ZCC1300CL, ZCC1800HWG ,
ZCC2600CR, ZCC3200NP, ZCC3800, ZCC5000, etc.
Yutong YTQU55B, YEQU75B, YTQU100B, etc.
Daifeng QUY25

In addition to a complete range of crane models, our company also has exclusive services.

1. Support multiple payment methods. Our company has a variety of payment methods, supporting L/C, T/T, D/P and other methods to meet the different needs of customers.

2. We accept small orders. If you only have one crane and don't have much demand for parts, we also support a minimum order to meet the different needs of different customers.

3. Can provide samples. If you are temporarily uneasy about the model and quality of the parts, we can provide you with samples and purchase them after you confirm the matching with the crane.

4. Warranty. Within 2000-2500 hours of using the parts, if there is a problem, we can provide you with free warranty service, if you need it, you can contact us at any time.


Shandong Value Machinery Manufacture CO., LTD is a professional crane distribution company. It has been in business for more than 20 years and has established good cooperative relations with customers in many countries and regions. If you need it, you can contact us at any time. We will provide you with thoughtful service. 

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