Terex Demag CC2000 Bottom Roller for Crawler Crane Parts

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Summary:Terex Demag CC2000 Bottom Roller for Crawler Crane Parts, Shandong VM provides you the highest quality crawler crane undercarriage parts....

Terex Demag CC2000 Bottom Roller for Crawler Crane Parts

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VM producting the Terex Demag CC2000 bottom roller for Crawler Crane Parts, an essential component of crawler crane components. Designed to support the weight of the crawler crane and ensure smooth movement over a variety of terrains, this bottom roller is a key element to the crane's overall performance and stability.


Our Terex Demag CC2000 lower roller is made of high-quality round steel to withstand heavy loads and harsh working conditions, making it a reliable choice for crawler crane operators. Whether traveling on construction sites or industrial projects, Terex Demag CC2000 bottom rollers provide the durability and strength needed to keep crawler cranes operating optimally.


As important undercarriage parts of Terex Demag CC2000 crawler crane. Our Terex Demeg CC2000 lower roller is installed with a pure copper bushing to ensure better friction resistance and better mechanical properties during crawler cran operation. At the same time, the pure copper bushing has good corrosion resistance, It can protect the Terex Demeg CC2000 track roller from corrosion in harsh environments and extend its service life.

Terex Demag CC2000 Bottom Roller details

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Terex Demag CC2000 Track Roller for Crawler Crane Parts Packaging and Shipping 

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Terex Demag CC2000 Bottom Roller Maintenance Tips

For Terex Demag CC2000 bottom rollers, regular maintenance is required to extend the service life of the Terex Demag CC2000 crane track roller. The following are maintenance tips for crane bottom roller:

1. Clean the Terex Demag CC2000 track rollers and their surrounding areas regularly to ensure that there is no dust or other debris that affects their normal operation.

2. Check the lubrication condition of the Terex Demag CC2000 lower roller to ensure that the lubricating oil is sufficient, and replenish or replace the lubricating oil in time.

3. Regularly check the wear of crawler crane track rollers. If serious wear or cracks are found, replace the Terex Demag CC2000 track rollers in time.

4. Pay attention to the lower rollers suspension system, regularly check whether various parts of the suspension system are loose or worn, and repair or replace them in time.

5. During use, avoid overloading or overusing the bottom rollers to avoid damage to the Terex Demag CC2000 bottom rollers.

6. Conduct comprehensive inspections of crane track rollers for Terex Demag CC2000 regularly to ensure the normal operation of each component.

7. Avoid using crawler cranes on uneven or debris-filled ground to prevent the crane lower rollers from being damaged or affecting their normal operation.

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About Terex Demag Crawler Crane Parts

Terex Demag Model:

CC280, CC280-1, CC400, CC1100, CC1200, CC1400, CC1500, CC1800, CC2000, CC2000-1, CC2200, CC2400, CC2500, CC2600, CC2800, CC3800, CC4000, CC6800, CC8800

VM also has Terex Demag in stock: Terex Demag CC600 sprocket, Terex Demag CC600 top roller, Terex Demag CC1200 crawler shoe, Terex Demag CC1500 lower roller,Terex Demag CC1800 track pad,Terex Demag CC2000-1 bottom roller, Terex Demag CC2200 track shoe, etc.

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1. Are there any guarantees on the undercarriage parts I purchase?
Sure, whether it is a mismatch or quality issues within 2500 working hours, we will send you new parts Free of Charge. This is our confidence!
2. How can I judge the quality or fit of your crawler crane parts?
The size and technical parameters of crane parts are based on the major manufacturers. We can provide size and quality inspection videos or reports, and of course you can also apply for a free sample for testing.
3. How will the parts be delivered?
According to the needs of different customers, we can arrange shipment by sea, air, express and also door-to-door services. Don't worry about importing for the first time, we can also recommend professional customs clearance agents for you to assist.
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