Sprocket For Hitachi CX900 Crawler Crane

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Summary:The sprocket for Hitachi CX900 crawler cranes produced by Shandong VM has precise dimensions, friction resistance and is the highest quality crawler crane undercarriage parts....

Sprocket For Hitachi CX900 Crawler Crane

Our sprockets are specially designed for Hitachi CX900 crawler cranes. They are precision calculated and engineered to ensure a perfect fit with the rest of the crane. The basic parameters such as the size, weight and transmission ratio of the sprockets are precisely measured and tested to ensure that they match the normal operation of the crane.It can be adapted to various projects such as infrastructure construction, mining, hydropower construction, building construction, etc.

1. Hitachi CX900 Other Undercarriage Part

Crane Track Shoe

Crane Top Roller

Crane Track Roller

Crane Idler

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2. Hitachi CX900 Sprocket Information

Technology: Casting

Transportation method: sea, air or express

Heat treatment method: quenching and tempering

Warranty: 2000-2500 working hours

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3. Applicable model





CX300,CX350,CX350DR,CX500,CX500-2,CX550,CX550-2,CX650,CX700,CX700 Link Type,CX900,CX900HD,CX1000,CX1100,CK550,HE6010B,KH70,KH100,KH100-1,KH100-2,KH100D,KH125,KH125-2,KH125-3,KH125-3 Link Type,KH125D,KH150,KH150-2,KH150-3,KH180,KH180-2,KH180-3,KH180-3 Link Type,KH230,KH230 Link Type,KH230-3,KH250,KH250-3,KH250HD,KH300,KH300-2,KH300-3,KH500,KH500-2,KH500-3,KH700,KH700-1,KH700-2,KH850-3,KH1000,MX6515B,PD7,PD80,PD90,PD100,PD135,TH55,TH55ED,U106A

Our sprockets are resistant to wear and corrosion, allowing them to be used for a long time without failure. They undergo stringent quality control tests to ensure that they meet the high demands of the clients. We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services to help them improve work efficiency and safety.As a professional crawler craneundercarriage manufacturer, export undercarriage parts to the world.

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