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Black, Gray or as your request


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We also supply attachment of Nippon Sharyo DH608 track shoe, such as pins and bolt&nuts. Besides all parts under heat treated and fine maching. Before put crawler crane undercarriage parts in warehouse, the QC worker will test the quality and size, so, the parts can match your crawler crane with better quality.

2. Package & Delivery:

  Usually, the Nippon Sharyo DH608 track shoe will be sent to Qingdao Port or Yantai Port in China in 3 days, and 22pcs track shoes in one pallet.

3. We can supply all undercarriage parts for Nippon Sharyo DH608, such as, DH608 track shoe, Nippon Sharyo DH608 track roller, Nippon Sharyo DH608 top roller, Nippon Sharyo DH608 sprocket and Nippon Sharyo DH608 idler, etc.

4. Other Nippon Sharyo Machine:

NIPPON SHARYO have been contributing the modernization of Foundation work by developing very innovating Foundation Equipments since 1963, when we developed 3 point support type Pile Driver on crawler as the first developer in the world. Machine Like,DHP80, DH400, DH408, DH500, DH508, DH658 and so on.

If you need the undercarriage Parts for Nippon Sharyo/Nissha, please kindly contact us freely, we can reply to you in time.

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