Idler Assy for Kobelco CK2750 Crawler Crane

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Summary:The Kobelo CK2750 idler assyis used to connect with thereducer,transferthe power to this machine,and drive the whole chassis forward.The advantages of our Kobelco CK2750 idler assyas below,1.Thespline sizeof Kobelco CK2750 idler assyi...

The Kobelo CK2750 idler assy is used to connect with the reducer, 

transfer the power to this machine, and drive the whole chassis forward.


The advantages of our Kobelco CK2750 idler assy as below,

1. The spline size of Kobelco CK2750 idler assy is exact.

Our team of engineers measure and produce accurate drawings based on the original parts. 

At the same time, perfect collocation, avoid installation difficulties in the process of use.

2. Good wear resistance.

Selection of the best raw materials, coupled with excellent production technology, to ensure a longer service life.

3. Surface quenching ensures higher density and hardness.

By quenching the surface of Kobelco CK2750 idler assy, the connection hardness, 

density and toughness between CK2750 idler assy and its crawler shoes are controlled within a reasonable range, 

showing good mechanical properties, better connection and avoiding excessive friction.


Other Kobelco CK2750 parts, such as track shoe, lower roller, top roller and sprocket, we also produce and supply.

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