Crawler Track for Coal Mining Roadheader

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Summary:In addition to crawler crane undercarriageparts, our company also manufacture crawler track for coal mining roadheader. Although it is a new expansion for our export business, we have more than 10 years of production experience for the coal mining machine in the domestic market and have been c...

In addition to crawler crane undercarriage parts, our company also manufacture crawler track for coal mining roadheader. Although it is a new expansion for our export business, we have more than 10 years of production experience for the coal mining machine in the domestic market and have been customized produced for Sany, Zoomlion, China Coal Academy and so on.


Brand& Models


EBZ132, EBZ160C ,EBZ160H, EBZ200C, EBZ200H,EBZ230C,EBZ230H,EBZ260A,EBZ260D, EBZ260H, EBZ318H etc


EBZ100,EBZ100A,EBZ132,EBZ132A,EBZ160,EBZ160D,EBZ160J,EBZ180 etc


EBZ120,EBZ132,EBZ160A,EBZ220,EBZ240,EBZ260,EBZ320,EBH360 etc


EBZ55,EBZ100,EBZ120,EBZ100A,EBZ100E,EBZ132,EBZ160,EBZ132Z,EBZ135,EBZ150,EBZ150A,EBH200,EBZ200A,EBZ200M,EBZ200MJ,EBZ230,EBZ260,EBZ300,EBH350 etc


EBZ220,EBZ220A,EBZ220(H),EBZ200(S),EBZ260(A),EBZ260H,EBZ315,EBZ315H etc




EBZ 50,EBZ 120,EBZ 132,EBZ 150,EBZ 160,EBZ 160A,EBZ 200,EBZ 220,EBZ 230,EBZ 260,EBZ 300,EBH(Z)315 etc


EBZ55,EBZ55(A),EBZ75,EBZ100,EBZ135,EBZ150,EBZ160,EBZ160B,EBZ160II,EBZ200, TBM:EBZ160(A),EBZ200(A),EBZ230(A),EBZ260,EBZ260(A),EBH300(A) etc


EBZ75,EBZ90,EBZ120,EBZH120,EBZ135,EBZ135L,EBZ160,EBZ200A,EBZ200R,EBZ230,EBZ260,EBZ320 etc


EBZ55,EBZ75,EBZ100,EBZ132,EBZ135,EBZ160 etc


EBZ75A,EBZ75C,EBZ120,EBZ160,EBZ180,EBZ180A,EBZ220,EBZ300 etc


EBZ132,EBZ160,EBZ200,EBZ260H  etc


EBZ200,EBZ200A,EBZ230,EBZ255,EBZ255A,EBZ260H,EBZ318,EBZ355H etc


EBZ160,EBZ230,EBZ260,EBZ260s,EBZ300,EBH90,EBH132,EBH132XK etc


EBZ132,EBZ160,EBZ200,EBZ200H,EBZ260,EBZ315 etc


EBZ120,EBZ132,EBZ132GJ,EBZ160,EBZ160GJ,EBZ200,EBZ200GJ,EBZ230,EBZ260,EBZ260GJ etc


EBZ135,EBZ160,EBZ160Z,EBZ200,EBZ200Z,EBZ260 etc

Parts Pictures

Crawler Track for Coal Mining Roadheader.jpg

Track Pad for Coal Mining Roadheader.jpg

Idler for Coal Mining Roadheader.jpg

Save more time with one-stop shopping

We produce a full set of crawler undercarriage including track plates, bottom rollers, carrier rollers, sprocket and idler wheels for various brands of tunnel roadheading machines and coal mining machines at home and abroad, and the specifications conform to the original factory standards, so that the entire machine maintains its original structural performance.


Specialized treatment with higher hardness than normal track

Considering the special and harsh working environment of roadheader, we produce the crawler undercarriage parts from raw material selection to heat treatment to take into account the high strength required for underground mining or tunneling, and their safety and durability meet the standards of mining equipment. We are aware of the difficulty and high cost of maintaining underground machines and have extended the repair time as much as possible.


High precision dimensions beyond the original

Our mass-produced crawler track parts for coal mining equipment follow the original drawings and tolerance requirements. And we can also customize our production according to the drawing dimensions and technical requirements provided by customer to meet the requirements of different regional projects.


Whether you are our regular customer or new friend, welcome to contact us by email to discuss more about crawler track for coal mining roadheader, we always provide professional solutions for you.

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1. Are there any guarantees on the undercarriage parts I purchase?
Sure, whether it is a mismatch or quality issues within 2500 working hours, we will send you new parts Free of Charge. This is our confidence!
2. How can I judge the quality or fit of your crawler crane parts?
The size and technical parameters of crane parts are based on the major manufacturers. We can provide size and quality inspection videos or reports, and of course you can also apply for a free sample for testing.
3. How will the parts be delivered?
According to the needs of different customers, we can arrange shipment by sea, air, express and also door-to-door services. Don't worry about importing for the first time, we can also recommend professional customs clearance agents for you to assist.
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