American 7250 Track Shoe for 60Tons Crawler Crane

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Summary:American 7250 Track Shoe for 60Tons Crawler CraneDetail Information forAmerican 7250 Crawler Crane Track ShoeMaterial35SiMn, 35SiMnTi, 28CrMnMo, 28CrNiMnMo, 31Mn2SiMoTechniqueCasting...

American 7250 Track Shoe for 60Tons Crawler Crane

Detail Information for American 7250 Crawler Crane Track Shoe


35SiMn, 35SiMnTi, 28CrMnMo, 28CrNiMnMo, 31Mn2SiMo



Heat Treatment

Whole quenching & tempering, then surface hardening


2000 - 2500 working hours/ one year


Track shoe is installed in the same direction to form the belt of the head and tail. In this way, the operation uniformity is good, the wear of track shoe is low, and the driving efficiency is high when walking.


Advantage for American 7250 Crawler Crane Track Shoe

1. Heat Treated

* All casting should be Austenitized at 900°C for one Hr per every inch of casting thickness. 

* Then Quenched on water and Tempered for sufficient amount of temperature and time. 

* All heat treatment should be carried out after castings reach temperature lower than 200°C. The general hardness after QT to be 230-320 BHN.

2. Inspection

* Chemical Composition

* Mechanical Properties after HT

* Metallography/Microstructure

* Dimensional Accuracy

* NDT Examination/LPI or MPI

* NDT Examination/UT

* Cutting / Sectioning

 3. Pin

The Pins are heat treated and fine machining, that can extend the service life.


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