Kobelco Telescopic Crawler Crane TK350

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Summary:KobelcoTelescopic Crawler Crane TK350Max. Lifting Capacity: 35.0 metric ton Max. Boom Length: 24.0 mSpecification1. Crane PerformanceCRANEPERFORMANCE&...

KobelcoTelescopic Crawler Crane TK350

Max. Lifting Capacity: 35.0 metric ton Max. Boom Length: 24.0 m


1. Crane Performance



Max. rated load


9.8 m boom

35.0 ton x 2.7 m (8-line)

16.90 m boom

19.0 ton x 4.5 m (5-line)

20.45 m boom

15.0 ton x 5.0 m (4-line)

24.0 m boom

12.5 ton x 5.5 m (4-line)

Aux. Sheave

5.0 ton (single-line)

Main boom length

9.8 m to 24.0 m

Main hook height

24.9 m

Main hook operating radius

22.0 m

Line Speed



125 m/min at 4th layer


110 m/min at 2nd layer

Third (Option)

110 m/min at 3rd layer

Rated Line Pull



44.1 kN (4.5 ton)


49.0 kN (5.0 ton)

Third (Option)

29.4 kN (3.0 ton)

Boom telescoping speed

94 sec/14.2 m

Boom raising speed

49 sec/0 to 82Åã

Swing speed

2.6 min-1 (rpm)

2. Boom Structure

Main boom:Three section, box construction,2nd independently and 3rd independently telescoping;

Boom telescoping device: Direct forced type by double acting hydraulic cylinders (two)

Load hoist device: Hydraulic motor drive with spur gearreduction with auto- brake, independent 2 winches with free-fall function

Swing device: Hydraulic drive motor with planetary gear reduction with hand brake, swing neutral-

free or neutral brake selectortype.


Main winch: 18 dia. X 140 m, IWRC 6 x WS (36) anti twist rope

Aux. winch: 18 dia. X 80 m, 6 x WS (26) anti twist rope

Third. Winch (Option): 16 dia. X 80 m, 6 x Fi (29) anti twist rope

Hydraulic device: 2 variable plunger pumps + 3 – pumps (2 variable plunger pumps + 1 gear pump)

Hydraulic oil tank: 455 liters



6. Working Range

7. Equipment Optional

8. Undercarriage Parts

Our company can supply the full undercarriage parts for Kobelco TK350 Crawler Crane, like, Kobelco TK350 Track shoe, TK350 Lower Roller, TK350 Upper Roller, TK350 Idler and TK350 Sprocket.


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