Track Shoe For Hitachi CX900 Crawler Crane

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Summary:Track Shoe For Hitachi CX900 Crawler CraneWe could supply this track shoe for 90ton Hitachi CX900 Crawler Crane, details as below.1.Brief for Hitachi CX900 Track Shoe:a.Width:850mmb.Material:31Mn2Sic.Tech.: Castingd.Weight: 73kg2.Package for Hitachi CX900...

Track Shoe For Hitachi CX900 Crawler Crane

We could supply this track shoe for 90ton Hitachi CX900 Crawler Crane, details as below.

1.Brief for Hitachi CX900 Track Shoe:



c.Tech.: Casting

d. Weight: 73kg

2.Package for Hitachi CX900 Track Pad

16pcs track pads are packed in one pallet,

Hitachi CX900 Crawler Crane Introduction

Hitachi CX900 Crawler Crane is HYDRAULIC CRAWLER CRANE, and Max. Lifting Capacity is 90,000kg.

The structure includes Engine, Boom hoist Mechanism, Main and Auxiliary Hoist Mechaism, Swing Mechanism, Revolving Frame, Boom, Hydraulic system, Undercarriage and Controls.

About the Undercarriage, there are Traction Mechanism, Track Frame, Side Frames, Track Shoes, Rollers and so on.

Traction Mechanism:

Each Track is driven by a swahplate-type axial piston motor through reduction gear. This mechanism allows counterrotation of tracks for maneuverability in close quarters.

When the lever is in neutral position, both hydraulic brake and spring-set/hydraulic-released muliplate disc brake are automatically applied for stopping.

Track Frame

All-welded, stress-relieved, box-section construction

Side Frames

Side Frames of all-welded construction can be retracted for transportation.

Self-Loading Device/Side Frame Removal Device

With the self-loading device/side frame removal device, the basic machine can be jacked up and loaded on to a trailer, and both side frames can be removed. Travel motor piping is connected via self-seal couplings for quick disconnection.

Track Shoes

Heat-treated alloy steel castings with induction-hardened roller path and driving lugs. Shoes are connected by induction-hardened steel pins.

No. of Upper roller is 8, No. of lower rollers is 20, no. of track shoes are 110 pieces.

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