Manitowoc 12000 Idler

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Summary:1.Product detailsMaterial:35SiMn, 35Mn, 55SiMn, 34Cr2Ni2MoTechnology: CastingWarranty: 2000-2500 working hoursDaily maintenance of Manitowoc 12000 Idlera.Maintain the proper tensioning of the crawler shoes. If too tight, under the force of the tensioning spring, it can lead...

1.Product details

Material: 35SiMn, 35Mn, 55SiMn, 34Cr2Ni2Mo

Technology: Casting

Warranty: 2000-2500 working hours

Daily maintenance of Manitowoc 12000 Idler

a.Maintain the proper tensioning of the crawler shoes. If too tight, under the force of the tensioning spring, it can lead to accelerated wear of the idler shaft and bushings, track shoe and pin, leading to the elongation of track shoe pitch.

b. Keep the guide wheel alignment, if not, will leads to abnormal wear of other undercarriage parts.


2.The related idler of Manitowoc Series crawler crane

Such as Manitowoc 222 777 888 999 10000 12000. Except the idler, other parts, such as track shoe, bottom roller, top roller, sprocket and idler, we can all supply. So any needs for these parts, contact us freely.


3.Production process

4.Package and Delivery for Manitowoc 12000 Idler

5.Contact US

Tel: +86-535-6710636 

Fax: +86-535-6710836

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1. Are there any guarantees on the undercarriage parts I purchase?
Sure, whether it is a mismatch or quality issues within 2500 working hours, we will send you new parts Free of Charge. This is our confidence!
2. How can I judge the quality or fit of your crawler crane parts?
The size and technical parameters of crane parts are based on the major manufacturers. We can provide size and quality inspection videos or reports, and of course you can also apply for a free sample for testing.
3. How will the parts be delivered?
According to the needs of different customers, we can arrange shipment by sea, air, express and also door-to-door services. Don't worry about importing for the first time, we can also recommend professional customs clearance agents for you to assist.
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