Track Pad for 300ton Liebherr Crawler Crane LR1300

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Summary:Track Pad for 300ton Liebherr Crawler Crane LR1300Technical details of Track Pad for Liebherr LR1300 Crawler CraneProduct NameLiebherr LR1400 Track Pad/Track ShoeMaterial28CrMnMoNi...

Track Pad for 300ton Liebherr Crawler Crane LR1300

Technical details of Track Pad for Liebherr LR1300 Crawler Crane

Product Name

Liebherr LR1400 Track Pad/Track Shoe



Process Technology


Parts Of Track Shoe

Track Shoe, Pin


Quality OF Liehberr LR1300 Track Pad

1. All casting should be Austenitized at 900°C for

one Hr per every inch of casting thickness.

2. Then Quenched on water and Tempered for

sufficient amount of temperature and time.

3. All heat treatment should be carried out after castings

reach temperature lower than 200°C. The general hardness

after QT to be 230-320 BHN.

1.7 kinds of Quality Inspection

Chemical Composition

Mechanical Properties after HT


Dimensional Accuracy

NDT Examination/LPI or MPI

NDT Examination/UT

Cutting / Sectioning

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